Wild Bill's Pope & Young Bear 19
3/16 "2002"
Hunt with Wayne Zaft.in Alberta,
Alberta Outfitters Lodge
Industrial Kitchen, Satellite TV, and much
Hunts & Pricing
Bear Hunting
May of "2002" the first week of the 4 week season. The absolute best bear
hunting experience I Have ever had. In six day's 4 of us saw 56 Bears,
Killed 6, 2 Pope & Young, 2 18"+ and all of us could have taken the 2 bear
limit. In "2003" the 10 hunters saw 236 bears. In "2004" 17 hunters saw
350 bears.
Ask about our "Shot opportunity or no pay policy".
Whitetail/Mule Deer
Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia. Montana, Texas and Colorado
available. Unbelievable Deer. You pass up the 130 & 140's. Several
Great bucks to be seen and taken. Hunt with Wayne Zaft for early season
whitetail with bow. Deer still in velvet. Hunt in November with rifle for the
same deer and many more that you didn't see. All hunts are 6 days. All
inclusive. Excludes Airfare.
Bow & Rifle Available.  Went on this hunt in Sept "2004".  Had a great
time, saw 12 Bulls, several Cows. No up close shots but several large
52"+ moose up close that walked away laughing at me or mad
because they thought they were going to get lucky! Remember during
the rut there is only 2 things they want to do. If you miss,  you're not
going to like either one!   Also Have a Moose/Whitetail Combo Archery
Ducks & Geese
Alberta "Enough Said" Great Hunting, Great
Accommodations, Great Food. 3 Day Hunts.
$1750 (Excludes bird cleaning)
Wild Bill's Hunting Adventures
Michigan (Fence Hunt) Texas Hogs. Great
6 Days: Lodging, Meals, Airport Pick-up and drop off, Licenses and
GST all included. Airfare Not Included. (Approx $350 to $400 to
Saskatoon, SK)  1 Bear: $1,800.00
All hunts are 6 Days. Lodging, meals, Licenses, and GST included in Price. I Have 3
Outfitters that offer Bear Hunts.
1 Outfitter offers a Guarantee.
 No shot opportunity No Pay. Cost: $2,100 to Hunt.
Shoot your 1st. Bear: $500.00,  Shoot 2nd Bear:$600.00. (Shoot 1 bear $2600 total.
2nd bear $3,100 total) Additional Flight Required or can rent a car. (8 Hr drive with car,
1 Hour flight.) Will arrange your choice. License & GST extra ($320.00)
1 Outfitter: $3,100.00 2 bears (No additional Fees or Flights) Airport pick-up in
1 Outfitter: $3,400.00 2 Bears (No Additional Fees or Flights) Airport pick-up in
Saskatchewan: 6 Days lodging, meals, airport pick-up and drop off, Licenses and
GST included. $3500.00 (2yr advance booking)
Gun Hunt Whitetail.
Alberta: 6 Days lodging, meals, airport pick-up and drop off, Licenses and GST
included. 3 Outfitters for
Archery. Prices range from $2,500 to $3,900.00 depending
on Month (August or October ) Whitetail or Mule Deer
Gun Hunts: $3,500 to 5,500.00 depending on Outfitter, Last 2 weeks in November.
(1 Year +advance booking) Whitetail or Mule Deer
Please Call with any questions or additional Quotes on all
hunting packages.
Alberta, Bow September, Rifle November
6 Days all-inclusive or Rifle combo
African Safaries
New for 2006. Hunt South Africa. Many packages available. I will be
going to South Africa in March 2006. If interested give me a call have
room left to go with me. 7 day hunt 2 Animals in the package and all
the Pigeons and Dove's you can shoot. $4,000.00US You can add
animals to the hunt for the cost of the animal.
Sheep Hunts
I have access to some of the Best Sheep Hunting in the world. Dall,
Ram, Stone Sheep. All the best outfitters in the business. With the best
in the world also come a large price tag. Call for Information
South Central Texas-Lodge. Whitetail, Hogs, Turkeys,
Exotics...Great Lodge and Hunting