I Won't Send You Anywhere I Haven't Been!
Pope & Young Record
Large bear scored 19 3/16 and
500lbs. Second Bear 17 5/8 and
350lbs. Both taken in Alberta,
Canada May 2002.
Myself & Friends
6 day hunt, 6 Bears taken, but
could have easily taken 8 bears.
(2per Hunter) We saw 57 bears
in the 6 days. (All Bow Kills on
VCR Tape) Call for the Video
I have heard all the horror stories of
bear hunting.
"Hunting over a beaver in a tree, the
same beaver all six days. Never seen
a bear."
"My Guide left me in the stand until
12:00am.  Walked out on my own!"
"Walked miles and miles and never
saw anything."
Sound familiar? This will not happen
with Wild Bill's!!
Let my Experience Guide You!
BEAR HUNTING: I have the perfect Bear
Hunting Outfitter in Alberta Canada to send
you on a once in a lifetime hunt. You have a
great chance at that Pope & Young Bear.
Will also cater to Gun Hunters. But at 20
yards or less why use that gun? You will
have a up close and personal look at
several bears.  (Ask for the Video)
Deer Hunting (Whitetail, Mule Deer)
Moose Hunting
Again all inclusive; 6 Days of Hunting, Bow or Rifle 1 x 1 Guides, lodging,
meals, meat & trophy packaging. Pick up at the Edmonton Int. Airport.
(Call for availability and prices)
Wild Bill's Hunting Adventures
Hunt for the much talked about Alberta Whitetails. I have bow and gun
tags available. All inclusive: 6 Days of hunting, lodging, meals, meat
and trophy packaging. Pick-Up at the Edmonton Airport. (Call for
availability and prices) Also have outfitter in Saskatchewan.
Duck & Geese
Again everyone's heard of the Alberta Duck & Goose
Season. Unbelievable Hunting.
3 Days+ all inclusive lodging, meals, processing of game.
(Call for availability and prices)
Alberta: Bow or Rifle
Sept (bow) Nov (rifle) 6 Days All inclusive
Combo: Elk/whitetail (Nov) Call for Availability and prices.
New for 2006 A Caribou outfitter: you will hunt the largest
caribou herd in the world. Leaf River Herd. You get to Montreal
and the rest is taken care of. 2 Caribou per hunter. You will be
moved with the herd.
Also a guarantee offered by outfitter.
If you do not get a shot opportunity at a mature bull your
next hunt is absolutely free. $5,300.00 per hunter.