Just A Few Photos, many more to come. Is yours Next?
November 2006 Client Saskatchewan Canada
138" Whitetail. 1st Big Buck for Him.
What a Group! 6 Bears Taken "2002"
November 2006 Client from Michigan. 175" 13
point Whitetail in Alberta Canada.
How bout this!!!! The new Buckmasters BTR World
Record Non Typical Whitetail in Velvet!!! 195" Taken at
one of my outfitters in the early season whitetail
hunt!!!!!! Call for Details...
Doc with Saskatchewan 10 point "2004"
2005 Alberta Blonde Bear
November 2006 Client "My Father" with the Largest
Whitetail he has taken 154" 10 Point Alberta Canada.
Client from California took this 174" Mule Deer on the
First Day of the Hunt in Calgary, Albert. "2005"
Hunt with New Friends: 10 Hunters - 10
Mule Deer taken. November 2005 Colorado
195" Double Drop "2004"
November 2006 Client 36" Canadian Moose
Alberta Canada. His brother took a 38" moose the
next day.
No need to say much about this one!!!!!!!   213" and a 30"
Spread. 19 points.
Myself in Montana "2006" 105" Whitetail in Velvet.
Saw several bucks much bigger. Wanted the Velvet.
Great Outfitter. Hunt the Montana Slam:
WT,MD,Elk,Antelope all with bow on one hunt.
Good Friend & Client Randy with his Canadian Moose
taken in October 2006 with his bow. Shot Distance: 15
May 2006 Both Clients tagged out in 2 Days. Saw over 70
bears in 6 days of Hunting. (4 Hunters) Tim & Bobby from
2 Clients from Michigan. Saw numerous bears.
Took these 2 with Rifle. Can use bow or
Muzzelloader also. Alberta, Canada. May 2006
Great Friend and Hunting Companion Colorado 2007.
2008 What a difference a year Makes... Greg with his
Pope n Young Mountain Lion.
Wild Bill's Hunting Adventures
Photo Album
2007 Wyoming Mule Deer. See Group
2007  4 Clients: Wyoming. 1 Whitetail, 3 Mule
Deer, 3 Antelope and 1 Buffalo. Great Hunt
2007 Saskatchewan Bear Hunt. Great hunt.
Even I get to hunt every now and then.
2007 Calgary Canada: Mule Deer/Whitetail Combo.
170"+ Mule Deer (Top) - 155" 8 pt Whitetail.
(Bottom) Great Job Don.
2007 Calgary Mule Deer Hunt. 170"+ Great Buck
Dave !!!!
2007 Calgary Mule Deer Hunt. Another Great
Deer. 170"+ Great Job Tom....
2008 South Africa - Awesome, unbelievable, cant
wait to go back.... This Blesbok I stalked to within 20
This White Blesbok will be officially scored The # 4
SCI White Blesbok with Bow & Arrow all time.
(Missed #1 by 1/8")
Darted this Female Rhino.. Blood Test
Taken and she is pregnant... 16 months will
have a baby... 2000+lbs....
Blue Wildebeest- Ph's, Trackers.  20 yard shot.
complete pass thru.. went 80 yards. Hunt of a lifetime....
Texas- Includes Lodging, Hunting, License's and Transportation
to/from Airport and In hunt Transportation. (Not included meals or
transportation to San Angelo, Texas) Cook your own meals or can
hire a cook for $150 per day.
2008 Texas Bow Hunt.  Greg (Top) 11 point scored
124"Randy (Bottom Left) 8 Point 130"  Jerry
(Right) 10 Point 120" Saw well over 200 Deer.
approx 90+ Bucks.
2008 Client Dave with another Great Montana
Mule Deer.
2008 Berl with his Montana Mule Deer. Congrats
2008 Father & Son Rifle Whitetail Hunt Alberta Canada. Both
10 points but dad's has a couple of kickers and score's in the
150's. Son's scores in the 140's. Great Job guys.
December 2008. Myself & Kyle Randall from the Wilderness Journal
TV Show went to Film. Shot above an 8 Point Cull and below a Nice 9
point Trophy. Also a 300lb Russian Boar.
2009 Dave Krause with another Montana Monster
with a Bow and Arrow.  Rough Scored at 175. 37
yard shot. Great Job Dave.
2009 Calgary Alberta Rifle Elk Hunt. 3 Clients 2 Elk and 1
Whitetail.  Great Elk Dan L and Dave K, Sorry Dave C.
hopefully next time.
May 2010 Alberta Canada- 6 Day Black Bear Hunt. Saw 52
Bears in 6 Days. 2 Pope & Young Bears & 2 Color phase
bears.  Great Hunt. You can shoot a pope & young here
for sure!!!!!!
2010 Wild Bills Texas Group Hunt. 6 Hunters 14 Dead animals and a
couple that should have been on the picture board. (Right Nathan) LOL.
November 2010 Calgary Alberta Combo Elk/Whitetail.  Nice job Scott & buddies
Jim & Paul with their Whitetails.
2010 Dave & Dave. Calgary, Alberta. Dave finally got
his elk & a Great whitetail. Dave K. Great Whitetail.
May 2011 Alberta Canada. 5 hunters saw 50+ bears. I took the largest bear of
my hunting career. This was my 9th Bear with a Bow. Almost 500lbs, over
20inches on the skull and was 7" 3 1/2" from nose to tail. Thanks Bob and Tim
for a great time.
Tim (Happy Hendges)  with his first
ever black bear. Congrats
Bob with his first ever black bear.
2011 Alberta Canada Rifle Moose Hunt. Congrats
Brian...Great 49" Canadian Moose.....